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Chairman's Desk

"Human values of Love , Peace , Truth ,Right Conduct and Non - Vilolence are pivots of moral evolution ".
Since the School's inception in 2003 it has came a long way and has created a niche for itself, now recongnized as one of the finest school in the area. The school continues to give a great deal of importance to value based education to the children. True education aims as all-round development of a child . Here the term all round is comprehensive , inclusive of educational , moral, ethical , intellectual , cultural and emotional development. For this purpose, we , as teachers must made a whole- hearted effort strengthening the Teacher - Student bond. Thus, in the 21st century , with knowledge Explosion , the teachers as well as the parents share a great challenge and responsibility towards the young generation , school going children in particular .let us join hands towards this nobl course to yield the desired result for a better India tomorrow.